Assassin creed- Your Destiny is in your blood!

I remember looking at this trailer couple mouths ago and it was good l liked it know that l’m gonna try to watch it tonight . I love that it has the history based in the Spanish inquisition in 1478 so from what l picked up from the trailer is their people who were or is the worst kind of bad and they got killed or were given the death penalty is by lethal  injection but instead of being dead you wake up in a secret lab lead by and oppressive cult out to find the apple of Eden so l think get the power and charge! Then They get rid of the loose string( the “criminals”) but they have a different plan! 😎
Their is one person who is a descendant of assassins creed and he know or can help with finding the apple l like that they are like robin hood but more lethal  l like the what they use on the trailer below “your destiny is in your blood”
I look forward to the history ,the sci-fi, and the Cal the main character get to learn about his ancestry and l think get justice.

Small Summary of the movie

Cal Lynch travels back in time to 15th-century Spain through a revolutionary technology that unlocks the genetic memories contained in his DNA. There, he lives out the experiences of Aguilar de Nerha, a distant relative who’s also a member of the Assassins, a secret society that fights to protect free will from the power-hungry Templar Order. Transformed by the past, Cal begins to gain the knowledge and physical skills necessary to battle the oppressive organization in the present.

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