THE THINNING -time for the test of your life

I got to watch this movie they have it on YouTube red was was really excited to watch it which was really cool you tube you have come a long way from 3 minute videos to a whole movie. Of course to watch this movie you have to have YouTube red  which l have been using for a bit it nice. ok that’s enough advertising(in a way  back to the movie l watch so from the very beginning you’re at the edge of your seat being like what this is crazy. The movie was amazing yet sadly it left me with a cliffhanger l don’t do well  with those l always feel unresolved. I have so many questions  that need answers !!


spoiler alert they gonna be a bunch


So they whole idea kind of reminds me of part of divergent,hunger games and the book matched. “The Thinning is a 2016 science fiction–thriller film set in a dystonia future in which population control is enforced through a school aptitude test. Those who fail it are executed” The story bases around the governor’s son and a girl Lindy who is practically taking care of her family in the being she helping her brother practice but his nerve keep making him panic. So she gave him a cheat sheep on his way to school things happen and he fails and goes to the thinning it quite sad oh the other end Blake is some what having a good time with his girlfriend. When she fails the test you like OH No!!! Bake calls his dad and practically begs him to not let them do this(not her)(part me believes it was all part of his dad plan but hay l might be wrong) he says rules are there for a reason and lets them do it . one year later l feel like he has worked out to be ready this year because he was planning to be the ultimate sacrifice have his dad suffer for his own dumb rule (he failed the test on purpose) one of the guards find out what he up to the dad calls and they switch his test scores with someone else am like what!! Really!!  That cause a problem the Lindy is called for failing the test and you’re like no way she good. This is where things get interesting the nice teacher helps with (she really cares for the lindy family like to help ) it turns out that the system is not helping have more students with brains  it just more power means you can get  exception to  pass  it doesn’t matter if you’re smart or dumb. A Lot of innocent people have died because of the faulty system Blake and Lindy and one I.T. student expose the lies . so the one who were to die possible die !?!?!  that the part you question  everything it should be a sad ending he sacrifice his son so he can run for president l thought that pretty cruel and he even seemed sad on the interview at the end you are like what they so much conspiracy l need more information plz!!! The ending really !!!?!?! you guys have to sign the petition to make it a reality The Thinning 2 (MOVIE)


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